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Toilets and Showers Units - Portable Cabin Facilities

Portable cabins can provide a solution for many site projects, but particularly portable shower units can be wonderful, for they are ready to be installed easily and, they are very simple to be placed in all type of surfaces. In terms of installation, a solid foundation has been made so endurability and resistance are assured. Some projects can even be directly placed on the ground, and the internal ground does not need to be leveled to do so. Materials are friendly with the ecosystem and so is the process of installation since resources as water are greatly reduced and so is the production of dust that is how you can count on ecofriendly and recyclable project. Since 1986 we have been in the market of technology based solutions for the construction sector, our quality in materials and passion for technological advances applied in this fascinating and ever growing industry have made us an acknowledge place in the market. For more than 30 Karmod has eagerly cultivated the compromise to provide edge technology and high quality in all our Portable Shower Units and Toilet Blocks for Sale. You can rely on details like flexible layout, quick installation and safe and stable structure as these are part of the service and product we offer. Our clients’ demand is our highest priority and at the same time the most important motivation to find out new ways to keep the development of prefabricated construction. So, if you do not see what you are looking for in our catalogue do not hesitate to contact us since our expert team will make sure to elaborate what you need, in the size you need it. We understand that most of the time Portable Shower Units and Toilet Blocks for Sale are a solution for temporary site projects so there is a wide variety of prices and models that will suit your project and your work team needs.

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Portable cabins can have different uses for example they can be a nice office for the sales force team, the accommodation for a construction team or they can be featured to become a kitchen with enough space to enjoy the meals. However, one amazing usage that portable cabins have is as portable toilets. Hygiene is highly important our Portable Shower Units and Toilet Blocks for Sale and portable toilets can be a lifesaver at a major event, but only if it is maintained and used properly. No one wants to use a dirty restroom there can be nothing more disgusting than that, and despite they do not seem to be the best option for a solution, there are several proactive actions that can be taken to improve the experience of a portable restroom. They are ready to be used in the occasion you may need whether you need it for a construction site, a wedding, a sporting event or a music festival, our expert team will be able to provide you with the best portable restrooms. They are usually piled in one place although it is advisable to spread the portable toilets in areas where there will be high traffic counts during your event and in areas where people will not tend to congregate. They are equipped to provide you and your business with high quality portable toilets, Portable Shower Units and Toilet Blocks for Sale with everything you need to make your event a success. In addition to having enough units for your event, make sure to invest in odor control supplies for each of your portable restrooms. All units should be checked regularly regardless of how frequently they have been used or not. Karmod is the partner for your event or projects do not hesitate to contact us.

Portable Cabins and Toilet Shower Unit

Founded in 1986, Karmod provides high quality portable offices and cabins to both end-users and businesses throughout the UK. Portable Shower Units and Toilet Blocks for Sale buildings can provide a variety of solutions including permanent and temporary portable office buildings, sales offices, marketing suites, health centers, classrooms, shower room units and on-site accommodation. All units are custom built in a variety of layouts, such as single and multi-storey, as well as different exterior cladding styles to suit the local environment.


Available in any size, design or configuration Portable Steel Cabin Constructions are custom built to customer requirements. If required the units can be manufactured for temporary use on site or designed to fully comply with current building regulations. Like portable offices, portable cabins and modular buildings, our toilet, shower and locker units are manufactured and designed with mains water connected cabin installations like a regular toilet or shower, our toilet and block units prefabricated shower enclosures are incredibly easy to put up on the construction site.


Portable toilet cabins, portable shower units and toilet blocks for sale or mobile toilets are perfect for lodging in places like camps where we can provide an accessible shower for your guests. Or they can be placed on a construction site as temporary restrooms for construction crews with a quality compromise to enhance durability, an excellent choice for site installations. Portable Cabin Buildings and Toilet Shower Cabins are a standard range of toilets and toilet showers available for immediate dispatch from various locations in the UK. These units are excellent value for money and are available from stock in multiple locations.


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