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Product Details

Modular Toilet and Shower for events private and public sector

Maybe you are about to have a site project, you have spent weeks in planning and you already have everything covered. However, you still need to provide your team with a place where they are going to spend long hours working and resting. In such a scenario providing your team with a space where they can use it as a toilet is key to keep them happy, healthy and comfortable. Since 1986 our company has developed technology based solutions in Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK

We are aware that campsites for projects in different sectors need to have all that is necessary for the work team to feel comfortable enough in order to have a healthy working environment. We have worked with different projects in both sectors, private and public for events which are long and temporary term and we are highly compromised to provide the best service in our modular toilet blocks. It can be for your attendees if you are organizing a massive public event or maybe it can be for your work team who are going to spend long hours working on a site project. 

Karmod Modular Toilet structures to keep sanitary health 

Our portable toilets will provide them with the space they need in order to keep basic needs cared. These structures will help you and your attendees keep harmony, since there is no worse scenario than to need the bathroom and not to have an appropriate space. Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK structures will also help you keep sanitary health since, as it is known, bathrooms help us eliminate adequately a number of bacteria which can cause diseases. Sizes and details can be indicated as needed or preferred.

If you are perhaps looking for some specific details such as the color or maybe you have some doubts about the suitability of our structures for a specific surface you can definitely ask us. We are pleased to help our visitors so that they can have all the information they are looking for.

Karmod Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK competitive prices 

Although we have experience in the market working with different kinds of sectors, we have to mention that most of our experiences have been providing transportable Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK for campsites. 

You can check or review here to have a visual idea of our previous work. We can say that our prices are competitive, it means we are in line with the market, however we also dare to say that our service is what makes us stand out in the market. We are set to provide you with the highest quality product and service. Once we establish the project we communicate it to all our work team to start with it. 

Shower Blocks UK delivery from the design to the installation

We go with you from the design to the delivery and installation. It may take us hours or days and during that time we are at your disposal to listen to your doubts or suggestions and to become your partner independently on the nature of your final project. We keep you informed so that you can review and manage track of our advancements, though it may take us a short period of time we aim to make it satisfactory and as you demand. 

So wherever you are located you can be sure we will arrive; it can be at a wedding, a football match, a concert or maybe a traditional fair. It can be in the city, in an urban area or perhaps the country. You can have a very short group of people or maybe hundreds; to us it is clear that if you need our Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK bathrooms, the size of your event is important only for we want to fit our services to your demands.

What kind of Modular Toilet and Shower are you looking for?

For more than 36 years, Karmod has been at the forefront of the development of modular toilet and shower blocks and facility units for individuals and businesses of all kinds. Karmod’s Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK are convenient, hygienic and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for any temporary site. All of our modular toilet and shower blocks offer the same exceptional standards as with the rest of the facilities in the Karmod range. Manufactured at our purpose-built factory in Turkey, our toilet and shower facilities cater for both men and women.

Modular Washrooms can be customised to fit your budget

We have vast experience helping companies of all sizes meet their Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK needs, as well as catering to some of the biggest public and private events and functions you could imagine - such as Glastonbury Festival. No matter the project, we work with the same sense of urgency and efficiency to get everything you need delivered and installed as quickly as possible.

Modular Washrooms and Shower Blocks

Karmod manufactures prefabricated / Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK in a range of sizes from single cubicles to large blocks for showering on an industrial scale. Most of our customers require a modular toilet and shower blocks, a little more modest with 4 – 6 cubicles being the norm. We provide prefabricated modular toilet and shower blocks to a range of industries but by far the most common type of customer are from campsites so we have a lot of experience in providing showers and toilets to this market.

Prefabricated Toilet Cubicles / Shower and Toilet Blocks

Karmod ’s modular toilet and shower blocks and portable bathroom  unit is a spacious, clean and light portable bathroom environment that is ideal for large gatherings such as weddings, parties or events. The open design means it’s easy for guests to move through the space, with enough room to congregate if there are a number of people using the facilities. A versatile Modular Toilet and Shower Blocks UK cabin, the modular toilet and shower blocks unit is unisex with three flushing toilets, but we can also provide a male-only Deluxe Toilet with one flushing toilet and four urinals. To find out more about the modular toilet and shower blocks and our other portable toilet options, get in touch with our team today.


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