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Unique Modular Office and Accommodation Building Systems

Has it happened to you that your business needs to grow in space and you count on a limited budget? If your answer is yes, let us tell you are in the right place. Karmod is the expert partner you are looking for. Our company has developed a great offer which is also versatile and cost effective. Usually, traditional buildings require months to be ready and they are expensive. On the other hand, prefabricated modular buildings and Modular Office Accommodation UK offer not only a fast but also a sustainable solution for office accommodation to differing market sectors. These can include schools or colleges, airports and railways, transport and haulage contractors, petro-chemical plants, and the ship building industry just to name but a few. Our experienced team is our most valuable asset and a key for the service we offer.

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Our clients come back and recommend us because we offer favorable rates for delivery, installation, stacking and all that our clients need to meet bespoke site setup requirements. What is more, during the process we keep communication as it is our priority to fully understand what our clients demand. You can now think of making the best with a space located inside your business as to add a new office to your building or starting from zero in a location, Modular Office Accommodation UK will provide the solution for you and your business.

Modular Office Accommodation UK and Container units are modular with the use of steel structural frame and thermal resistant material, so your work team will not suffer any inconvenience caused by weather changes. This energy efficient product is widely used in construction camp sites such as in public buildings, residential units and they can even be used in special application areas. Karmod’s modules are made to accomplish standard and automatic production procedures. Installation procedure for these containers is easy and reduces the on-site labor requirement.

In Karmod have an extensive range of modular office and accommodation building UK

As Karmod we strive to be the expert in your Modular Office Accommodation UK solution. It creates wealth in the society and adds value to the customers. In recent years the number of companies compromised with keeping a better environment in which clear sky and clean water are possible has been increasing, thus improving our living and working environment are the kind of objectives that we pursue. Our structures of Modular Office Accommodation UK are designed to be resistant to environment conditions such as dust, rain or strong winds yet very easy to install and implement. Waste production is minimum, and the use of labor is efficient as all the pieces come ready to put together. Further the time spent in the assembly of all the structures is surprisingly reduced compared to typical construction, this is a benefit that you can be sure of; instead of months of work you will only have to wait for weeks for your modular office to be ready. Once all is installed you and your work team can immediately start using it.

We have an extensive range of modular office and accommodation buildings, in different sizes to meet your needs and always in stock. Your requirements will be respected in each piece of our units, and you will have them available within a matter of weeks – we have the building for you. More than 30 years of experience has made us one of the leaders of the market we are specialist supplier of Modular Office Accommodation UK, so if you are looking for a secure, endurable, plastisol or wood lined unit, an office complex with toilet and shower facilities, or anything you need we can surely give you a hand on it. Contact our sales team and you are a click away.

Find the right modular office accommodation for your business

Our Modular Office Accommodation UK building system is a unique product that has been developed to offer a versatile and cost-effective alternative to more traditional types of modular office and accommodation buildings. Prefabricated modular buildings offer fast and sustainable accommodation solutions for different market sectors, from schools and universities, airports and railways, transport and transportation contractors, petrochemical plants and the shipbuilding industry, to name just a few.

With a wide range of modular office and accommodation buildings and sizes always in stock and bespoke units available within weeks, we have the building for you. Karmod Modular Office & Modular Office Accommodation UK has been a specialist supplier of portable units for over 36 years, so if you need a vandal resistant building, a plastisol or wood clad unit, an office complex with toilets and showers, or any other need you can count on us, we will always be willing to help.

Portable cabins and Modular Office Accommodation UK units offer great flexibility and are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They provide a reusable green and sustainable 'instant space' and, being pre-built, can be quickly delivered and installed. With a wide range of portable cabin units and sizes always in stock and custom units within weeks, we have the building for you. Versatile, cost-effective, fast, efficient and sustainable... These are just some of the reasons to choose a portable cabin construction concept.



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