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Product Details

Luxury toilet shower blocks For UK

Great events are great for they are planned considering every detail from the beginning to the end. Toilets for the attending public are more than essential in order to give your event a touch of charming and great taste. Yes, believe it or not, a nice Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK can leave your customers with a great image and your company’s event can become unforgettable. Sometimes we may underestimate the message we can send with a clean sophisticated toilet. 

Let’s begin by saying that a nice toilet, clean and with a calm atmosphere can bring a nice mood to any person. The moment we need a bathroom can sometimes not be a pleasant one since we urge it, and need it for biological reasons, however this situation is the perfect occasion for a bathroom to become a nice room or to become a room where the urgency becomes not a pleasant thing. That is why we have become specialists in making them as fancy as our customers may need them to be. 

We aim to make your client’s experience practical and comfortable

We understand how difficult it would be for a company to build its image that is why we collaborate in order to help them keep it, as unbelievable as it may seem an inadequate bathroom is something a client will observe and not in a positive way. We aim to make your client’s experience one that can be both practical and comfortable; we think it is possible for them to have a nice atmosphere so to get a few moments of privacy. 

A Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK can also provide more than a nice atmosphere to your client, it can also become a reason why they will start talking about you and your efforts about keeping their needs, as basic as they may be, satisfied. A client that recognizes the efforts of your company is highly probable to recommend you to more people and they can become potential clients. Do not miss the opportunity to impress them and let them talk about you, adding value to your company.

Karmod team works on making the best service for you by providing technical and practical solutions

Over the years we have kept the best relationships with all our customers in the world, not only our company’s presence has grown globally but also we have become a reference. Our team works on making the best service for you by providing technical and practical solutions to events of all kinds. They can be private parties in where requirements can include details in the design of the Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK like adding special kinds of mirrors. 

They can also consider special things like handrails for people who may present difficulties, as elderly people. You can have in mind all the details you need. We are here to read all the queries and specifications you need to tell as; your event is the key. 

Details matter and there are plenty in Luxury Toilets and they wait for you

You can feel free to let us know what you need to include, you can see our web catalog and be as specific as you need, we will always be happy to know about it and our team will give you a hand. We know that all details matter and there are plenty of them waiting for you. 

Shower Blocks Sandwich structures can allow them as they are a hundred percent customizable, they can become fancy and luxury or be plain and simple; you are the one who chooses. Bathrooms are thought to be essential, yes, but also they can leave a mark on your event and so on your client and what is more on your potential clients! Do not underestimate the opportunity to leave the best of images to all of your attendees. Our sales department is ready to help you selecting Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK.

New technology Male / Female Disabled Toilet Blocks

Karmod has been supplying top-quality portable modular buildings and portable toilet and shower blocks to a wide range of industries Turkey and UK -wide for almost 36 years. In that time, the usage of our portable toilet and shower blocks has evolved to include: As Karmod, we have built portable container toilet blocks over the years, but this covers all the basics. 

Container toilet blocks built from a 230x600 and 300x700 container have different areas. Container Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK is made of disabled toilet materials in the block and there is a standard male and female toilet arrangement in the middle. Our Container Toilet Blocks are perfectly suited for mining and construction sites, events such as music festivals and holiday parks. When connected to the facility's mains, they can be used as a temporary solution or as a permanent portable toilet.

Custom Toilet Blocks built to your needs

If you like the look of the above Container Toilet Block but would like something tailored to your needs then give us a call. This unit featured both Male and Female facilities, but also disabled amenities – but you could have a different setup to suit your requirements. We can build our container Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK out of 230x600 and 300x700   container toilet blocks, at competitive prices. We supply portable toilet blocks and bathrooms to a wide range of customers ranging from Mining Companies and Construction sites to Golf Clubs and other sporting groups.

Disabled Toilet and Shower Unit

Specially designed, fully accessible toilet and shower blocks for people with disabilities. When you’re providing facilities for employees, visitors, guests or members of the public, it’s essential that your Luxury Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale UK are fully accessible to everyone. That’s why Karmod offers disabled access toilet and shower blocks that are specially designed for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. You can choose separate toilet and shower blocks, or combined toilet and shower block facilities. Disabled persons’ facilities can also be incorporated into a standard toilet building. Our disabled persons’ buildings feature access ramps, wider than normal outward-opening doors and a host of special adaptations to ensure the facilities can be used safely and simply by everyone.


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