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Product Details

When having a site project Building Site Toilet UK offers to cover all the clients’ needs

When having a site project, the time that it will take is defined and planned and most of the time this period becomes several weeks or even months as the project may need to take its final shape. Accommodation for your team is essential as well as to have all the basic services and conditions for them to be comfortable and healthy. 

Our Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK offers a private space for your work team members where they can keep hygiene during their work period. In general toilets are very important for all human beings, in their absence all different kinds of germs and bacteria start their attacks on the human body, bringing infectious diseases. That is the main reason why we are committed to supply you with the space in which it all can be avoided. Mobile toilets can be installed in your site project as soon as needed. 

Karmod Portable toilets can be vital for any kind of situation

However sometimes it is not precisely there where they can be needed, as nature can always be surprisingly strong and changing natural disasters can take place, in such scenarios Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK can be a rapid and suitable solution. Also, the most cost effective one. We know how important toilets and shower blocks for campsites are; the facilities need to be adequate and spotlessly clean. 

But also, we understand that in general for any kind of situation portable toilets can be vital and they are necessary to keep people’s health and comfort. Your team will be thankful, and this will have a positive effect in their general performance as a happy employee is three times more productive. You can see our catalogs and product description here, as well as our previous projects. Maybe you already have a project in mind, if that is the case feel free to contact us and we will be there to answer any doubts.

In Karmod we are committed to understand your Site Toilet Units needs

We offer a wide range of portable toilet with various configurations; we have design them thinking about the end user, so you can have female, unisex or male. About the design and special features, do not feel short to ask us about them. We are committed to understanding your needs. Our team will work with you alongside all the stages, from the planning of the layout until the actual installation, and during all this time we are going to keep effective communication. 

Our company offers Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK for a great number of industries, for example mining, construction, health, or public projects. Although these industries have different kinds of projects, workers have the same basic needs and all of them deserve clean toilets where they can keep their personal cleanliness comfortably. 

Building Site Toilet UK are the quick, economical, and practical solution

The lack of such basic service as a toilet or sanitary space can be highly dangerous for health since some bacteria can cause food poisoning and infectious diseases. On the other hand, our company offers Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK which can be a quick, economical, and practical way to give it a solution. With us you will have a high quality product and ensure a healthy and happy team working for you, our team will give you all the information you may need before making a decision without making you feel already compromised as we emphasize the best customer service since the very start. 

Efficiency for us means to understand our clients’ needs and make their voice count so we will be glad to let you tell us what you are planning to or what you are already looking for. We keep prices at an affordable price so do not hesitate and contact us soon.

Reliable and Portable Toilets for Construction Sites

Toilet units on construction sites are often pre-planned projects, but sometimes unexpected events cause construction sites to be set up in the name of disaster recovery and assistance. Whatever the reason, we at Karmod know that having a clean, reliable and wide range of Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK or construction potty options is vital for the ultimately efficient operation of a site. Made of galvanized metal steel, construction site toilets are designed for long-term use with high quality sound and heat insulation and cement coated chipboard floor plate. Our Karmod construction site toilet cabins are compatible with various layouts and equipment options depending on your needs. They start from the cabin according to your wishes and are produced in different sizes up to 230x600 and 300x700 with options for disabled access cabins and even shower facilities.

Bespoke Build Site Toilet Conversions

Site workers deserve clean and convenient restroom toilets and wash stations on site. As Karmod, we have product options to meet the needs of all kinds of projects. We deliver and maintain construction grade portable toilets ideal for commercial construction projects, commuter road and residential projects, mining and oil gas, public works projects or anything built in between!

Our temporary onsite Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK units are perfect for any construction project, renovation, contractor or maintenance job. Standard building units.

Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Come to Containers Karmod for the largest selection of new portable Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK for sale. From single site toilets to large fully electrically connected toilet blocks, we have something for every purpose. Our new portable job site toilets for sale are ideal for onsite supply where toilet facilities are not available. They are ideal for restroom facilities at outdoor events or as a mobile site toilet solution for construction companies moving from site to site. 

They also make great Construction Site Toilet Units & Building Site Toilet UK units as a permanent fixture for schools, clubs, allotments and outdoor centers. Our clients include Scouting organisations, sports clubs, parks and nature reserves. Whichever portable toilet unit type you choose, it will provide years of trouble-free use.


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