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Modular Buildings for Construction Site & Industry

Construction sites generally require office facilities to provide accommodation for site managers, provide space for meetings with the site team and also, they need to provide storage for site documentation. Although it can sound pretty good to be true now you can count on all those features at the best price and with the highest technology to meet what your project needs.

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Construction Site Accommodation UK and Site offices are often described as 'site huts' even if they are large and well fitted out, now you can get your hut with us a hundred percent customized, we have worked alongside and supported the construction and similar industries everywhere. No matter how big or small this is your project, it is a job for us and we are more than happy to help ensure your workers are safe, warm and well rested. The expertise we have gained over more than 36 years in the industry has resulted in us building excellent working relationships with 60% of the Top 100 Construction Contractors in all the UK. Our team is expert and able to offer short, medium or even long-term accommodation and welfare units. Our site accommodations can provide all kinds of spaces such as toilets and shower cabins, enabling your team to be as comfortable as they can be, making the cabin a home-like space.


Our Construction Site Accommodation UK is not only flexible, but also spacious and stylish and they can include everything your work team could need after a hard day at work - from somewhere they can relax and get a good night’s sleep, to somewhere where they can work efficiently. You can think of amenities such as thermostat-controlled heating, wardrobe, shelving or other storage spaces, anything to be implemented in our portable cabins. Our work will be to make it sure you can have it installed. Along the years Karmod has made efforts to use technological advances in the construction area, developing the best solution for you.


Karmod has many layouts available for you and we can also customize our site cabins to your special and unique needs

Our clients think of us as partners to help them grow altogether. We know how difficult it can be to keep your staff happy and to make sure everything goes smoothly, this is why we do all we can to make sure working with us is as simple, pleasurable and as efficient as possible. The safety and well-being of all people on Construction Site Accommodation UK has never been more important or more challenging to achieve and we are there to provide you with the work space you need.


Our Construction Site Accommodation UK can be designed and combined to any bigger size, with waterproof connection kit, rubber, steel board, and big screws. You can think of any design and detail you and your work team may need. We are there to guide you through it all. The units we offer are specifically designed for the needs of our clients whether they need the storage of materials, tools and equipment on construction sites or the accommodation for their work team. They are also suitable for overflow storage in retail applications or temporary storage in a variety of other situations, just to mention the adaptability and flexibility of our structures.


Karmod has many layouts available for you and we can also customize our site cabins to your special and unique needs. Our structures have been preferred in the market of prefab housing manufacturing for more than 30 years because we know how to make it work for you. We provide one stop solution for turnkey projects. You can contact our sales representatives to better assist you so go ahead you are one click away.

From the leading construction site accommodation on the market

The safety and well-being of all people in construction site accommodation has never been more important or more difficult to achieve. Karmod is the market leader in Construction Site Accommodation UK, so we understand the needs and life challenges of site hosts and have a wide range of solutions to meet those challenges. The experience we have gained over 36 years in the industry has led us to establish working relationships with over 50% of the UK's top 100 building contractors list.

Karmod has been a provider of quality construction site accommodation and portable buildings to the UK market for many years. We strive to provide site managers with a wide variety of options in their Construction Site Accommodation UK, including reliable anti-vandal technology. We have plenty of experience delivering the basics: a storage container, portable toilet unit, and on-site cabin, to site-wide lodging villages made up of dozens of stacked, connected units. Our portable construction site housing features vandal-resistant construction that is strong, durable and deters unwanted attention, perfectly designed for construction sites.

Construction homes and construction offices, whenever you need them

Maintaining hygiene standards is essential in the world, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. it can accommodate whatever number of people you need washing facilities for. Our wide range of single-sex and combination portable toilet blocks and welfare units can cater for hundreds of tradesmen and construction site visitors.

Sleeping facilities are a fantastic option for construction sites in more remote locations or where staff work multiple days a week. Having your workforce stay overnight eliminates travel costs and time lost to traffic while commuting. Karmod Construction Site Accommodation UK is completely flexible to suit your requirements. Whether you need a medical room, locker room, meeting area, or open space, we can help.



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