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Product Details

Shower Blocks hygienic prefabricated structures

A practical solution for sanitary hygiene are portable showers and toilets. You will find surprising that in a matter of hours you can have a solution, ready for you. These construction or campsite toilets are showers that come ready to be used by the public with outstanding advantages since they are installed instantly and their production is carried out in a short time in our facilities. 

Cleanliness is essential for any group that is carrying out work or leisure activities, having a space that can allow toilets, sinks and showers is essential to preserve the fundamental conditions of cleanliness thus avoiding any diseases that can be caused by germs or bacteria. Our Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale prefabricated structures are long-lasting and one hundred percent dismountable, they are adaptable and easily conditioned to the needs of end users so they can come in single or multiple formats as our customers may wish. 

Karmod has vast years of experience in the Campsite Toilet and Shower market

We have at your disposal various models and adaptations for purposes that can be commercial, industrial or for any type of mass concentration event, if you want to have a viable and easy solution for sanitary hygiene with the best levels of security you can count on us. We have a vast years of experience in the market, working as partners for projects of different sectors and always making sure to deliver the best solution. We have a production plant with the latest technological advances and highly trained personnel, which guarantees the quality of our work, for us all details that our customers consider important are important too. 

We are aware that every client can have their own specifications that are why we pay special attention to them. The interior of our cabin Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale meet the considerations that the client requires, needs or prefers. Some of the uses that our customers have highlighted are mining camps, project site camps, sporting events, carnivals, festivals, charity events, concerts, and various touring facilities. We have been there for them in each of them.

Karmod offers a functional solution and meets the Campsite Toilet demand of customers

We count with solutions that are pocket friendly, which means that our prices are aligned with the market, so you do not have to worry about over expenses in your budget plan. Perhaps your worry about the weather conditions or the way the surface is set; fortunately, our Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale are highly resistant and also they can be easily transported and installed in almost all kinds of surfaces. 

Karmod offers a functional solution and meets the demand of customers who require solutions with sanitary modules that can be installed temporarily or permanently. The hygienic booths are very useful and are simple to use and install, which makes them attractive as they are easily attached to all types of terrain and geographies. 

Toilet and Shower Blocks are structures resistant and highly durable

As if that was not enough, for its operation they do not use dangerous or invasive chemical products in their internal structure, but mostly water to make the drainage. So we keep it eco-friendly, we respect nature using efficiently the resources we have. Likewise, our offer of portable hygienic solutions includes Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale that can be for a number of people or maybe come as individual showers, individual toilets or even bathrooms with portable showers that have the option of including a space to dress and store clothes (dresser). 

All our structures are resistant and highly durable because they are made mainly of steel, their installation is independent of the hydraulic system and, being portable, they can be used according to the client's requirement, whether temporary or permanent. Do not wait any longer we are a click away.

Over Thirty-Five Years in the Campsite Toilet and Shower Business

Karmod's customers include schools, municipalities, hospitals and many of the portable building construction companies, as well as some of the largest mining, trade, construction and infrastructure construction and construction companies. Karmod designs, manufactures and installs modular, prefabricated, Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale, container and portable buildings according to your individual requirements.

Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks a Karmod Modular Building

For Fast, Efficient, Low Cost, Top Quality Campsite Shower and Toilet Block and Construction with Superior Service

Be it a remote mine or urban construction site, factory or warehouse… if you need more Campsite toilet shower blocks and ablution or changing room facilities, a campsite toilet and shower block portable building is the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your workforce needs. Prefab Campsite toilet shower blocks and ablution buildings can be quickly placed with all fixed inclusions. Karmod sizes and designs Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale and ablution buildings according to your needs… with showers, locker rooms and compatible disabled access for both men and women. For the mining or construction site, durability, serviceability, ease of maintenance and only pure durable commercial grade finishes are of prime importance, otherwise you may want a more upscale market including quality. Karmod can offer the right solution for your needs.

Changing Room, Campsite Shower & Toilet Block for Sale

Karmod manufactures portable campsite toilet shower blocks and ablution buildings for government, building, infrastructure, mining and commercial sector customers of all levels, as well as many portable construction companies. From the design, quality controlled factory floor to your door, Karmod has the ability to meet your time and budget constraints and accurately present project specifications for your Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks For Sale building needs. 

Karmod Constructions has completed a number of projects in the mining and resources sector. We can deliver a wide range of buildings including: accommodation, bathhouses, Campsite toilet and shower blocks and ablution blocks, kitchens, offices, gymnasiums and switch rooms. Karmod Constructions has the capacity and know how to deliver your project to all specifications and regulations required.


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