The enormous project Istanbul Marina rises with Karmod

Project Description

Three blocks of residental containers, including the construction site buildings that will be used in the Istanbul Marina project that was carried out by the company DAP Construction, were delivered between the real estate housing development and the former Yunus cement factory.

The building complex, consisting of 3 blocks of three storeys each, is being built from Karmod's new generation of residential containers and will serve all employees working on the project. The dining room is produced with the 3x7 fully bolted container system and has a total area of 819 m2. The DAP Eagle Project can provide food for up to 600 employees at the same time. Each of the warehouse has 3 floors and 2 blocks of 1,536 m2 and 480 beds. WC and showers are separate on each floor.


600 Employees

Completion Time

6 Weeks


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