Duplex Steel Houses

Karmod duplex steel houses are aesthetic structures with elegant facade and functional interior space. These houses are designed, produced and installed under the supervision of Karmod’s expert teams, and families will certainly feel safer and distinguished in their homes.

As opposed to conventional construction methods, where primary structural elements are constructed largely or completely on site, Karmod uses prefabricated steel modules for house construction that has many advantages. Nearly complete steel modules arrive at site after a quality-controlled production process. After that steel house is efficiently constructed by Karmod’s expert installation teams, the productivity of whom are not heavily affected by weather conditions. This modern construction approach brings time and money savings and speeds up the return on investment.

Steel is a material with highest strength/weight ratio. Thanks to this feature, steel structures are consequently a lot lighter and structural members occupy less volume, which provides extra space to the occupants and enables more efficient usage of the available building area.


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