Aesthetic and Comfort is Combined in Our Steel Houses

In our steel house models, we provide designs aiming aesthetic and comfort under the supervision of architects and engineers. Steel buildings not only look elegant from outside but also allow efficient usage of the building land thanks to non-voluminous characteristics of structural steel profiles, which results in more available space to the occupants.

You can examine our steel house models and plans from our website and get detailed information from our nearest sales office that can be found in the Contact section. Order your steel house customized for you from Karmod today in order to feel the difference without shaking your budget.

For A Better Life

For your safety, certificated full steel is used in all Karmod steel buildings. Each detail from steel components to wall coverings, from electrical installations to sanitary installations, from paint to roof coverings, from windows to doors is constructed by using quality certificated products. You will find more than technical features than written in Karmod steel house and housing estates.



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