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Product Details

Temporary accommodation for workers easy to set up light enough to be transported

There is always some sort of anxiety when there is going to be work that requires that your work team spend a time away from their families and out of town and it comes from both sides; your company and your work team. In this kind of event you have to know that you can count with a rapid response, available and easy to reach: temporary accommodation for workers. They are a solution, the solution that you are looking for and the option that your company can have for the less time possible. 

They are easy to put up and they are light enough to be transported so your project can take place in a rural area, in the jungle or in the middle of a crowded city, we are still able to make it right to where they are required. Also, your team may have some characteristics in numbers and demand, well you do not have to worry since the size of the accommodation for workers can be adapted to the number of workers that you are going to have and the characteristics that you are looking for can be added. 

Karmod Accommodations for worker that your workers need

If there is one thing that is convenient for you is that temporary accommodation for workers can be fully customized so you can choose the special features that you want it to have considering what your workers may need. All the spaces like restrooms, lunch rooms or cafeterias can be included. Our team of designers can guide you through the process to understand the needs and demands of your team and depict them in the accommodations for workers. 

They will show you the vast range of alternatives for materials and finishes that we have and you will be able to choose freely and according to your demands and also to your budget. In general, our prices are competitive which means that we go in line with the market, however we can say that what our customers like best about us is our response and the team of workers that we have to make your project one that is nice to take care of.

Best temporary accommodation products in the market

We have a number of models that you will be able to check and choose. We understand that your work team needs a space to rest and relax after a hard work day and we also understand that you want to give them all what is necessary to make them feel as if they are not far away from home.

So, taking into account these two facts we have offer the best temporary accommodation products in the market and we also have developed solutions so that your budget finds our prices pocket friendly. You can review our catalog with past projects and also pick the size that you will need for your modular accommodation. Every project has its own characteristics so we respect them and work on bringing a solution and a way to make it the most suitable for you, respecting your style and also covering your demands.

Delivery and installation of temporary accommodation for workers

In the design phase we will be talking to you trying to understand the requirements from your side. After it our team will be actually constructing the pieces of your structure in our plant, this part is actually the main difference between our temporary accommodation and traditional accommodations. 

They work on site whereas we manufacture every part in our facilities. After these phases there comes two more which are delivery and installation. They happened almost at the same time and once they are finished our work is done and you can use your temporary accommodation for workers.


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