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Product Details

Karmod Prefab Summer House Scotland

As the summer is coming and the flowers are blooming, have you thought about the possibility of buying a new home? Do you imagine finally having the right place for you and your beloved ones to enjoy the sunset during the long summer afternoons? Just think about it and allow yourself to make it and imagine every detail you have always thought of. The doors, the color, the size of the windows, the distribution of spaces inside, the decorations outside. All of it accompanied by the lovely sunlight. It is easy to let our imagination go and see the house of our dreams. 

We want to be the partner in the construction of a Summer Houses Scotland - Holiday Homes for Sale for all customers who dream about having a house and see in prefabricated houses as an alternative for them. We offer robust and resistant structures made all with panels and this allows you to customize al; roof, and floor as are all produced in our factory. This also ensures precision in the elaboration as well as the best use of resources with the minimum waste generated. In our extensive range of summer prefabricated houses, you will find numerous options.

Holiday Homes for Sale fashion spaces, extraordinary and the fast installation

We offer flexible layout and quick installation so there will be no need to wait for months before you can have your house. Our goal goes after functionality and usefulness so we focus on preparing the Summer Houses Scotland - Holiday Homes for Sale spaces for what will be your home. 

The average time from order to delivery can be even from 7-10 weeks, depending on the geographical location and the accessibility to your place, and assembly time is generally 9-12 days depending on the sizes and particularities of your house. Usually when we arrive at the target location, we can finish the whole building, in several hours or several days but never for months. Flat packs look fashionable, extraordinary and the fast installation that they have makes it easy to move and transport.

Summer Houses Scotland high quality, beautiful and modern appearance

As they are flexible containers can be used to build Summer Houses Scotland - Holiday Homes for Sale with different layouts so you can for example think of a building that can include living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, roof terrace and stair. Every space can be decorated as what our customers desire. So do not fall short and tell us all what you wish to have, and it can be considered. Do not hesitate at all because your container house can have a beautiful and modern appearance. 

With all the details that you ever imagine. They can be luxurious or simple, you will have access to a wide range of options. Our commercial team will gladly explain the kind of materials, colors, and textures that you will have at your convenience. All you have to do is contact us, let us a message via WhatsApp or give us a call. Asking as many questions as you have, we like our customers to have all the precious and necessary information before making any decision.

Best customer service for Karmod Summer Houses Scotland

Karmod is a company located in Turkey and it is our main office, however we are glad to be working in Scotland and be providing families with an alternative to have a place to live.  We pride ourselves on having the best customer service because our professional team will be able to manage the project that you want and demand, but also communication is key, and we respect all what our customers want to say and their opinions. 

Even when they do not always know much about the benefits of Summer Houses Scotland - Holiday Homes for Sale and prefabricated houses or in a worst case scenario, they can have a negative idea of these kinds of products. We are there to help you in any doubt, just a click away.


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