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Karmod Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses

As Karmod company has vast experience in providing Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses - Bungalow Kit Homes and is willing to be of help to every family in the Scandinavian territory that would like to have a house, a place they can gladly call home. We offer fully managed turnkey services to help you build the eco-friendly, sustainable home you have always dreamt of, as exactly as you have ever imagined. 

Having a home is the dream of everyone around the world. Buying a property takes a lot of decision-making, effort, and energy so let us build your dream, because it is time to value your efforts and make your dream become true. Since you are building your dream house, you are aware of spending your money in the most economical way, so you need to have as much information as you can about the options that the market has for you. We are a Turkey based company, and we provide prefabricated homes as an alternative to every family around the world.

Bungalow Kit Homes that offers highly insulated interiors 

We want to be your partners on your journey of building your house. The Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses - Bungalow Kit Homes that we offer are highly insulated so inside you will not have any kind of problem. These structures are thought to be resistant to climate changes; so, outside there could be a really hot day, those that make you want to just go inside the house and turn on the air conditioner. Or perhaps it could be snowing or with heavy rain.  

Your prefabricated house will be the best shelter for these climate changes so you will enjoy the inside without any problem. Our flat pack structures come with a range of cladding systems, and most are made using technology as a solution, so they are energy efficient. You can cut your carbon footprint as well as save money on your bills. Flat pack homes are a fantastic way to start doing it.

Bungalow Kit Homes prefabricated house the house of our dreams

We are a company with more than 35 years of experience in the market, we have all the knowledge and passion required to make your prefabricated house. We are specialists committed to helping you build the house of our dreams. Offering a wide range of stunning, quality prefabricated homes. We also count with the best of workers; we have a well-formed team which has the perfect combination of talents with professionals and technicians who will make all the efforts needed for your house. 

Our sales department is also a key part of the process as with them you will be able to solve any query you have, perhaps you already have experience in house building or maybe it could be the case you are new on it. Anyhow, we are here to give you a hand with everything related to it. We are here to provide you with the most relevant information for you to start your Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses - Bungalow Kit Homes prefabricated house. 

Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses has everything you ever imagined spacious, shelves, kitchen, laundry

First, we need all the specifications you desire, think of every detail you wish. In Scandinavian Flat Pack Houses - Bungalow Kit Homes you can customize floors, doors, colors, and spaces and of course the distribution. Think of the spaces you want to have and enjoy, maybe a spacious living room with shelves or a kitchen next to a laundry. 

Everything you ever imagined can be possible and be included in your house. All the structures are fabricated in our plant, considering the requirements you specify. Once the manufacturing has been prepared, the structures are delivered right exactly where you indicate. We send our team to assemble it and you do not have to worry about this process because it takes less time and less resources. Contact us soon!


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