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Product Details

Refugee Camp Housing is environment friendly

On some occasions we need a quick response to any kind of catastrophe or difficult time, thus prefab structures to be used as refugee camp housing are becoming more and more popular since they can do so easily and fast. Refugee camp housing is environment friendly, this has to do more with the way they are manufactured or constructed. We want to explain this point so that you can be fully informed. 

They offer a strong structure that can be resistant and robust, as a conventional construction, but at the same time Modular Refugee Housing can be light which is convenient because it makes it easy to transport them wherever they are needed. Each part is manufactured in our plant and this reduces the use of water and the production of dust, the pieces are left ready to get your refugee ready and constructed. Once these are finished they are transported where they are going to be put up.

Your prefab refugee camp will be installed where your project is held

To have the Modular Refugee Housing installation done it is not necessary to have complex tools or especial equipment; your refugee camp will be installed just by putting together all its pieces and our team will be more than glad to take on this work. If there is something that you can do with this kind of prefab construction is customize them, the way you want to and with the spaces that you need, so that the final users can use it easily and make the best of innovation with the same quality service. 

In Karmod, what we offer is not only novelty but also functionality that can include your needs and make your refugee camp housing a space that can provide people with what they are looking for. Even if your company or institution is looking to enter into new places where constructions in the conventional way are difficult to carry out, they can count on us because we provide our service everywhere within the national territory.

Modular Refugee Housing is resistant to extreme weather changes

Thanks to their flexibility they can be placed everywhere, they adapt to any kind of weather condition, in other words refugee camp housing can resist extreme changes because their inner infrastructure does not conduct the temperature. So it can be a really hot day outside, one of those that can make it hard to walk on the streets, and it still keeps cool and nice inside. 

On the other hand, it can also be cold outside and make you have to stop your activities because it is freezing and it still can be warm and nice inside. So Modular Refugee Housing is great for places where the weather conditions are always changing, sometimes during the same day you can have it starting with a heavy windy rain and then by midday you can see the sun up.

Refugee camp housing is meeting customer’s expectations

Our refugee camp housing can keep nice inside when there is intense weather outside, thus the final users will not only like their stay but also will find it a plus in your service. We are glad to let you know that this is the part that we like the best because it makes us your partner while your company is meeting expectations, and also because we provide the solution that you are looking for. You can decide the design, the distribution and the layout of your Modular Refugee Housing structure. 

It can keep the DNA of your label so logos, colors and special items that your label is used to have can be added or included so that your clients recognize you. All you have to do is contact our sales team through WhatsApp here in the webpage, we are just a click away.



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