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Product Details

Prefab Hotels extending your current infrastructure

Since its introduction in the market prefabricated hotels structures have been gaining more and more presence and have become a choice for a wide range of customers who are from different sectors. However, the hotel industry has made the most of it, first; prefab hotels give the company the option of extending their current infrastructure, respecting the existing characteristics of it. 

And even when your hotel chain is not sure about expanding a new natural area where it is a bit more difficult to have access to, a Prefab Motel Units can provide the amazing option of daring to make the investment at a considerably less price, which in the end will make it less risky. So, these are the main reasons why more hotel chains have decided to choose prefab hotels as part of their offer in infrastructure. Prefab hotels can be carried wherever, regardless of the location or the ground where they are going to be built. 

Karmod Prefab Motel Units offer the great option of using less time and money

These structures are both light and robust, it is a great combination which means that they can be carried wherever with no difficulties in transportation, and still provides a structure that can be resistant and safe. Prefab hotels can be settled in any kind of surface so they can be on a sandy surface or in the woods it will be challenging and absolutely possible to be set up there. Most of our customers like very much the idea that these prefab hotels can mean savings for them for both time and money. 

These resources are always together and Prefab Motel Units offer the great option of using less time and money than conventional hotels. Obviously you might be wondering if there is less quality or if there are any limitations; actually they are as robust as a conventional building, just they are lighter and easier to be transported. They are manufactured in our main plant, each piece of the hotel including bedrooms, bathrooms, halls, coffee and restaurant and all sorts of divisions for your hotel gets ready in there.

Design of a prefab hotel structure

The process to have your prefab hotel ready starts with the design phase; this is the first one of the most important since in it you will let us know every detail that you want to include in your hotel. So divisions, spaces and distributions will be planned and also more specific details as the floors, the walls and every detail that you may consider necessary and important for the inner structure of your Prefab Motel Units, we will respect your hotel DNA and that will definitely include any details that you want to specify. 

The second phase is elaboration, in this phase the parts of your hotel are manufactured and as mentioned before it is all done in our plant and during this process little water or dust are produced, which also makes our prefab hotels environmentally friendly.

Installation of the Prefab Motel Units

So you can be sure that you are cooperating with a greener environment when you are deciding to acquire one of our prefab hotels structures. After this phase comes the delivery and installation, our team goes to your location and starts the work of installation of the Prefab Motel Units, it is a simple process so no complex tools or equipment are needed to get the hotel installed. 

And regarding electricity or water connections there will not be a problem to install them, so your prefab hotel will count with these services and your customers will have no problems to start using the installations once assembled. Do not hesitate to contact us through a message on WhatsApp, our team will kindly reply so do it soon!


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