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Modular student housing

Campuses continually provide unique construction challenges regarding traffic, space requirements, noise disturbances and safety. Using our modular technology, it is really possible to make many of those concerns a nonissue. Modular student housing can provide your students with a convenient and comfortable space for them to enjoy their learning experience. Every year many students leave home and move near to the place that will be their alma mater for some years and which will give them formation and training in their field of studies. 

For your students it is really important to count on an institution which can give them a proper infrastructure so the process of moving and looking for a place to stay will be easy and possible. Prefab Dorm are modern, innovative modular technology combining on site construction with precise off site factory assembly line production. Thus they represent an effective and efficient alternative to your educational institution to accomplish their goal of accommodation provision in the fastest way yet with the best quality product.

Karmod prefab Dorm modular units for your educational project

Traditional schedules are shortened substantially because Prefab Dorm modular units for your project are constructed in our plant while site work and foundation construction are completed concurrently. So in our plant the structures are elaborated and completed following the requirements and indications that you will have first in the design stage. Thus our company will help you gain greater control over the main project. Modular student housing can be easily extendable so it can grow and adapt according to the number of students that you are going to have and the best part is that it can grow horizontally and vertically which means you can add more rooms up or on the sides. 

As they are elaborated in our plants they do not generate as much waste as conventional constructions, for example other resources such as water would be considerably less and also dust would be less. Somehow and maybe without being aware you would be making use of a product that is friendly with the environment, thus your educational institution will add something like this as a positive feature to its general image.

Karmod provides a high-quality, fast-track solution for modular student housing.

Believe it or not, available and affordable student housing can have a dramatic effect on the rate of student retention and you will be able to witness how well our students will start staying in their accommodation and the positive impact it has. Karmod provides a high-quality, fast-track solution for students as Prefab Dorm and modular student housing. 

We are a company which has nearly forty decades in the construction sector providing novelty and technological solutions which are based on creativity and combine well with the demand of institutions that need to provide their teaching services and the most comfortable and safe spaces for their students, who are finally the end users. 

Prefab Dorm and modular student housing are waiting for you

We gladly can say that we are the partner that adds up to the happiness that taking the decision to have further studies can have. Modular student housing is the solution that will give your students the nicest place that they can be calling home while they will have their studies, it does not matter if the weather outside is extreme; let’s say that out the sun is up heating all the city and keeping the day intensely hot, well your students will not have to suffer of this hot day coming inside their accommodation. 

Our Prefab Dorm and modular student housing can give them the nicest temperature inside as they will not allow the temperature outside to be conducted to the inner side of the structure. This and many more advantages of modular student housing are waiting for you; we are just a click away.


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