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Product Details

Modular conference room buildings

The appearance of modular constructions represents a novelty and an option that more clients prefer every time and more frequently. They can be easily installed in less time than what it would take if you decided to make an expansion in the traditional way of constructing. Also, they can be light and transportable which means that the base construction, which can be concrete, can be used to give the basis for the expansion or adherence of the modular conference room building, as simple as that. 

They are also cost friendly or pocket friendly, in other words, modular conference room buildings are cheaper to build than traditional constructions, yet they offer the same robustness and safety, so you will not have to worry about receiving less. 

Karmod Conference Room structure designed in the way you need

Our team of professional designers and technicians are prepared to make your Conference Room structure in the way you need it to be, we are open to listen to all the details that you need it to have, so please do not feel short and approach us with all the questions or queries that you need to find out. You can simply reach us through a message in our WhatsApp that is here in this webpage and one member of our sales team will be more than happy to reply. 

So please we kindly invite you to do so. We know that modular constructions are kind of new to our customers so we understand that many doubts can arise and we are more than glad to help. The service we offer is tented to Conference Room Buildings and based on communication and we respect and give all the information that our clients may need before they decide anything with us and even when in the end, they decide not to hire us, so there is no compromise in getting to know all the information prior.

Karmod Conference Room project is in safe hands, in less time possible

In our webpage you can see previous projects that we have carried out, more than 35 years of experience give us back up to know that your Conference Room project is in safe hands. Our company’s headquarter is in Turkey and we have experience working for the European construction market as well as for the construction market in Africa. 

Our team of professionals compromise with the excellence in service and the shipping of the best products that can be both versatile and functional so that our clients can have the solutions that they are looking for, in less time possible. Our structures can be fully customized, so your modular conference room building can be in the way you need it to be, it means that sizes, colors and divisions can be all your choice and also if there are more details and specifications, regarding the divisions and spaces for example they will also be taken into account.

Modular Conference high quality, inner design offer luxury ones the right solution

Our professional engineers will be more than interested in getting to understand the needs that you have so to depict it in your Modular Conference Room Buildings. And you will be able to have a solution right where you need to and right when you decide. We are always asked about the quality of inner design that we offer and we are glad to let you know that there is a wide range of options that go from luxury ones to more simple ones that you can choose from. 

So, your modular conference room may be a prefab structure but with all the luxury that any other kind of construction may offer so not only you will have a better price for it but you also will have it in the way you want it to.


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