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Product Details

Modular cafeterias and lunchrooms spaces for people to relax and recover energy

Cafeterias and lunchrooms are the perfect spaces for people to relax and recover energy. It is the right place to disconnect a bit from daily tasks and to start planning the next steps of the day. We can offer you modular cafeterias and lunchrooms especially designed for the purpose you have in mind, whether it is for your work team or for your business. We can provide you with modular cafeterias and lunchrooms wherever you need them. 

They can be ready in less time compared to what it would take if you decided to make it in the conventional way. In fact, let’s think about the time that you can save with us, since it can have a positive and important effect for you and your company. Usually it can take several months to design, plan and execute a building every detail is taken care of by the contractor but it usually can depend on the labor hand and the resources to get it done. Once it is decided the work starts taking place on site. This is how it is in the conventional way. With modular constructions the scheme can be a bit different. 

The vast range Karmod of options that will make your lunchroom construction unique

The first phase is the design as with traditional constructions and then there comes the manufacturing process in which every piece and part of your construction is designed. Our team of professional engineers and designers will show you our vast range of options that will make your construction unique. You will be able to let us know the details and the way that you want to have in your structure, you are the only one who knows its clients so we are more than interested in listening to what you want to choose. 

After this phase we have to manufacture the parts that your modular cafeteria and lunchroom need; this will take several weeks and it all will be done in our facilities. Our team will respect your design and work in detail so that every part of the infrastructure can be as what you are expecting it to be. Finally, when every piece is ready our team will deliver it wherever you want it to be. Once there they will install all your modular cafeteria and lunchroom and you will have it ready to be used.

Lunchroom are functional and fancy they give you freedom of what you prefer

As you can see it is not a problem for us to have your modular construction done in considerably less time and that means that you can save it. Also, you will have excellent customer service and a high quality product so you can trust us and our modular structures. 

Lunchroom can be functional and fancy at the same time which gives you the freedom to choose what you prefer. Also, they can be put up on any kind of surface, so they can be easily placed in the sandy surface of a beach as well as in a more defined surface as in the land.

Karmod modular cafeterias and lunchrooms can be transported and installed right there

No matter where you are, your modular cafeterias and lunchrooms can be transported and installed right there. They are robust and safe but without the need of being heavy on the contrary they are light enough to be transported. 

So, they are easy to be taken to wherever they are going to be needed, they are both secure and transportable so your cafeteria and Lunchroom will be the place that your customers will prefer for it will be where they are and being closer to them is something they will value. If there is anything that you need to ask or consult feel free to do so!


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