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Product Details

Karmod can supply the size of accommodation with the best quality and resistant

Accommodation aims to supply a space that will be us as convenient and so will satisfy a need. It can become a space for lodging or housing and it needs to be comfortable as well as safe. We know exactly how to provide you with Modular Accommodation Solutions UK that will fulfill your expectations. We provide the fastest way to get accommodation for the need that you have. From single mobile offices to large multi-unit complexes, you can have what you are looking for according to the demand that you have. 

Our company can supply the size of accommodation with the best quality and resistant structure. Maybe you are looking for a temporary solution or accommodation for longer periods, the modular accommodation we offer can be used for both time frames. We have an extensive catalog of projects we have already completed with different companies from the public sector, especially for national projects where accommodation for a large number of employees is needed.

Karmod prefab have a extensive experience in prefabricated accommodation

And also we have experience in working with the private sector in a wide range of projects which have been for short periods as for as a pair of weeks. We compromise with each project, either private or public in the same way, for our main objective is to make Karmod the first option that comes to your mind when thinking about a flexible solution providing Modular Accommodation Solutions UK. 

We have extensive experience in prefabricated accommodation, our structures have served to cover a number of needs and demands ranging from mobile offices, campsites for constructions or mining projects, each of them was thought and designed to be the ideal place for your workforce. Your company will always gain more than just the project itself because happy employees are the best way to keep your public image. A satisfied and well treated employee will always be the best way to keep your company's internal environment kind and productive. Willingness and compromise are generated as a consequence of having a good provision of accommodations and amenities and employees are the first to notice it.

We offer a pocket friendly option the most affordable prices in the prefab market

We can provide you with Modular Accommodation Solutions UK to be used in different areas such as reception desks, canteens or even first aid rooms, that is why they are a flexible solution and the best and fastest way to make your project start. Not only that, we offer affordable prices and represent a pocket friendly option for your company. If you are already looking for something specific you can contact our sales department, our team will be more than glad to help you with any inquiries you may have. 

So please feel free to write to us through the whatsapp on the webpage, we are here to assist you. Let us explain more about how the process takes place; we have prefabricated structures that are designed in our installations; in order to do so we keep constant communication with the client so we can have complete information about what the project is about and where they will be placed.

All kinds of Accessories can be installed in our prefabricated modules

Once the design is finished we start manufacturing your Modular Accommodation Solutions UK, we consider the sizes, colors and special features that you ask for, and after that it is delivered to where you indicate us. Our team will set up all the pieces together in situ. In total it can take some weeks before you can have your modular accommodation. 

Accessories such as air conditioners or washing machines can be installed inside our prefabricated modular accommodation if you choose to. We aim to make your accommodation as comfortable as possible, keeping in mind the wellness of your employees.

Modular accommodation - Flexible solutions

Karmod offers space solutions Modular Accommodation Solutions UK. We provide design and construction services for Modular Offices, Classrooms, Storage & more. Karmod offers site offices for administrative purposes or storage. Secure, insulated + modular. Ideal for your construction site.

Karmod has been a provider of quality Prefab site accommodation and modular buildings to the UK market for many years. We strive to give site managers a great range of options on their site’s buildings, including reliable anti-vandal technology.

Site Accommodation & Modular Buildings

Sleeping facilities are a fantastic option for building and development sites in more remote locations or where staff works for several days a week. The ability for your workforce to stay overnight removes traveling costs and time lost to traffic during commutes.

The system has interchangeable side elevation, wall and door panels giving you fully customizable internal room arrangements that are specific to your exact requirements. This allows you to create large open plan areas, offices, locker rooms, canteens, first aid rooms – or anything else your project might need. Karmod’s Modular Accommodation Solutions UK are completely flexible to suit your requirements. Whether you need a medical room, locker room, meeting area or an open-plan space, we can help.


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