Karmod Ksa Saudi Arabia Showroom

Karmod opened the largest prefab showroom in the Middle East in the November region of Saudi Arabia with an exhibition area of 10 thousand square meters.

The inauguration took place with broad participation, including the participation of the Saudi Minister of State, Karmod's CEO Mesut Çankaya, Hubra's Governor Fahd Hasan Al Sultan and Bukeyriye (Bekiriye) Governor Salih Abdulazi's Al Khalifa.

Speaking before the opening ceremony, Mesut Çankaya, our Chief Executive Officer, emphasized that it is gratifying that Karmod, which has been producing in the construction sector for over 30 years, has an exhibition space of this size. Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region offer better on-site service. Çankaya explained that the exhibition will make a significant contribution to the further development of mutual friendship between the two countries in the November region.

Our showroom in Saudi Arabia, which we opened in November, has a large number of products, from prefabricated houses to steel houses, container construction sites, office buildings and security booths for offices.


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