A visit to Koutoubia holding the giant Moroccan food manufacturer

Mr. Mehmet Cankaya, Karmod's CEO has visited Koutoubia Holding which is leading producer of meat products in Morocco. Koutoubia is the largest brand in production and distribution of read meat, turkey meat, salami, sausage and other similar products.

In addition to food sector Koutoubia has also investments the fields of costruction and tourism. Koutoubia holding is planning to make investments in tourism vacations at coastal areas through offering time sharing rentals.

Koutoubia Holding management asked for information about Karmod's products that include prefabricated houses, luxury living containers, security cabins and WC and shower units.

At the end of the meeting that was held in friendly environment an agreement in principale was reached and Koutoubia started to work on realizing their needs of Karmod products.


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