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We are an award-winning mobile cabin supplier that offers innovative products and exceptional service. Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality service, superior products, and adapting to the demands of our customers. Karmod Portable Cabins offer nationwide portable cabins and modular buildings. We are the nation's leading supplier of portable and modular buildings, offering a custom cabin for our customers' needs, including classrooms, offices and living spaces. We are based in Turkey and serve the entire UK and worldwide.

Karmod has been supplying repositionable portable cabins and modular buildings and mobile construction site shelters to its customers in the UK for more than 35 years. Portable cabins are ideal for everything from classrooms and offices to health centers, GP and dental practices, marketing suites, canteens, laboratories and safe storage areas as well as toilets, showers and locker rooms. Portable cabins are stand-alone, completely self-contained buildings that are manufactured and fitted out in the factory. All portable cabins for hire or sale, from welfare and site cabins to fully functioning office cabins are delivered in one piece by road, ready for rapid installation once on site and they are designed to be relocatable.


Truly permanent, delivered quickly, to suit your budget

If you need reliable, high-quality modular buildings or mobile cabins, look no further. Karmod offers a wide range of private rental accommodation, from self-contained dwellings, storage containers and vandal-proof offices to multi-purpose modular buildings including modular classrooms. Construction sites need to be safe and secure. As health and safety regulations on existing construction sites become increasingly complex, it is advantageous to have mobile booths of the highest quality for project offices, planning rooms, canteens and social facilities for workers.


An award winning Portable Cabin company

Our mobile space system will find the right solution for your needs. Our different types of cabins, such as portable cabins, sanitary cabins, etc., can meet your individual requirements. If you need a suitable space solution within a short period of time, do you need to provide a complete space solution for your project? We are happy to provide you with customized space concepts for short-term or permanent requirements. Karmod Mobile Space Solutions can provide you with a customized and personalized office space in a short period of time. The flexible panel system can also expand an office in a conventional building. You specify the area and layout required and we will select a suitable solution.


The most important application of portable cabins is for;


  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Construction areas
  • Mining Companies
  • Wind Power Companies
  • Drilling Companies


Available lines

We have the right portable cabin for every requirement: with the Karmod cabin range you have a versatile cabin with a multitude of options and equipment combinations. Discover the benefits of the modern Karmod range of cabins that meet the highest requirements. Whatever your project, we will find the right solution.


Portable Sanitary and WC cabins

Clean, flexible and ready to use: our sanitary solutions meet your needs. In addition, hygienic and portable toilet cubicles offer a convenient supply of fresh water instead of chemicals.

For decades we have gained experience in providing hygiene solutions, clean and environmentally friendly equipment and fresh water as an alternative to chemicals: our high quality hygiene modules are available in all sizes and for all types of equipment. This allows you to tailor the capsules exactly to your needs. You can quickly install our sanitary blocks and toilets for events, companies and construction sites. Thanks to the flexible modular design, toilets and washroom cubicles can be extended as required or used in combination with our portable cabins.


Portable Site Accommodation Cabins

Karmod portable site accommodation units for hire provide a range of on-site facilities, including portable offices, canteens, toilets and showers, drying rooms and more. Our site accommodation units are available in a number of sizes and layouts, to serve all your requirements. Portable canteens, toilets and drying rooms help you meet your need to provide suitable welfare facilities and to maximise your productivity whilst on site. Portable offices make ideal work and meeting space to help you and your people get the job done. All steel units of the same size are suitable for stacking and accessed via a staircase.


Accommodation for Overseas camps And Projects

Karmod Mining & Engineering has partnered with a leading company specializing in the design, manufacture, and construction of prefabricated houses. Karmod can offer a range of container modules from individual living quarters to multiple containerized offices and living quarters. Using traditional container based designs and container lift points, the equipment can be easily moved during standard container transport.

If you are an aid organization, a mining or exploration company, or a charity, then you often need to provide accommodation and social facilities in remote parts of the world. Our flat luggage compartments can be transported in transport containers and can be quickly and easily assembled on arrival to provide comfortable accommodation away from home.


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